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Ask about our one on one remote
collar training private lessons!
sign up for a six week traditional training class. Through Boulder City Parks. (702) 293-9256 Monday nights 7pm Broadbent Park.

Dog Training Las Vegas, Henderson,
Boulder City.

Don't get rid of your dog TRAIN IT!!

Dog Training Las Vegas

At kathy's K9 Training we understand the frustrations of adopting a new dog, and then having issues after you get it home. We would like to provide you with an answer to your problems and a solution that lasts. We offer off leash control under severe distractions with our remote collar training. We offer in home consultations to discuss with you your goals and come up with a plan to best suit your needs. We have private and group classes, traditional training as well as advanced classes. Call today to set up an appointment. 702-267-7864 Kathy's. We offer basic obedience, which is the foundation for all further training goals. You need to be a confident leader, that your dog will naturally follow. We show you how to be an effective pack leader. A trained dog is a happy one!

Kathy's k9 Training in Henderson NV Obedience training thats fun for you and your dog!

Dog training has as much to do with how you live with your pets at home, and the training and stimulation you provide. It is always prefereable to research dog breeds before you adopt, to get an animal that suits your lifestle and temperament. We can help you with your training needs and educate you on how to improve your relationship with your pet. We would like it to be a long and happy one!

What you can expect from your dog!
* Come on command
* Walk next to you (no more pulling!)
* Wait at the door
* Place
* Sit next to you
* Sit at a distance
* Down next to you
* Down at a distance
* Car manners
* Off the furniture (if it's the house rules)
* No chewing, biting, digging, jumping
* No excessive licking
* Quiet
* House breaking
* Boundaries
* Aggression control
* Any behavioral problem

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If you have any questions you can call me at
(702) 267-7864

Serving Henderson Boulder City, Green Valley, Anthem, Las Vegas.

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We can train any size or age dog!

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