Dogs Trainng Las Vegas

Ask about our one on one remote
collar training private lessons!
sign up for a six week traditional training class. Through Boulder City Parks. (702) 293-9256 Monday nights 7pm Broadbent Park.

Dog Training Las Vegas, Henderson,
Boulder City.

Don't get rid of your dog TRAIN IT!!

Agility Equipment

Kathy's K9 training agility Equipment.
See the YouTube agility demo video using Kathy's K9 training equipment

Go to YOUTUBE type in: kathy's k9 training agility

Adjustable portable jumps, from 8" to 40"

Agility Bar Jump

Plus $12 Shipping

Portable set of 6 spiked weave poles. Poke these weave poles in the turf,
it takes less than a minute to set up.

6 Spiked
Weave Poles


Plus $12 Shipping

Set of 6 snap in place Weave poles, can be used on any surface

6 Portable Weave Poles

Plus $12 Shipping

Portable Tire Jump with adjustable height.

Portable Tire Jump

Plus $12 Shipping

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No more swatting your dog with a newspaper!

We teach you to train your dog in a calm manner. No yelling!

We teach you how to get off leash control under severe distractions! Take your dog anywhere! Have fun with your dog!

We also make comfort adaptors for your remote collar, invisible fence or no -bark collar. E mail for a brochure. replace the 2 points of the collar with a small rounded contact pad. makes wearing the collar more comfortable and less irritating.