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collar training private lessons!
sign up for a six week traditional training class. Through Boulder City Parks. (702) 293-9256 Monday nights 7pm Broadbent Park.

Dog Training Las Vegas, Henderson,
Boulder City.

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Dog Training Testimonials

"Shaggy  is totally unbelievable, We go to the bike path behind my house and he  loves to run loose, sniffing, watering, and being dog-like. When I call  him he comes and if I do not call, he keeps an eye on me.  He is such a  pleasure.

Thanks to you, he is a much happier dog and much more secure.  He even occasionally will...sleep in instead of getting up to follow me around.

Thanks!"-Ron Mayes, Henderson


"Thank  you Kathy, the photos are wonderful!!! You are one terrific trainer. I  highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their dog. Thank  you."
-Gayle Shinstine


You are one terrific trainer. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their dog. 
Thank you, Gayle


Just came back from the best walk ever with Lucy!  I even had her sit in the drive way as I chatted with my neighbor across the     street.  Not a peep!  Then, another neighbor came walking by with a stroller and two golden
retriever.  I told her OFF 1x and that was all it took. 
We're definite believers!